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What Makes Me Tick


No Resolutions… But Perhaps Small Steps?

As the New Year approaches, the focus tends to turn toward reviewing the past year and planning changes & improvements for the next. So often, it seems this focus is short-lived as resolutions, goals and other self-improvement efforts fall by the wayside in just a few short days or weeks after getting started, which is […]

Wheat-free sugar-free chocolate donut

Guilt-Free Eating … an Easy Choice

I ate a doughnut yesterday. THREE, actually. And felt good doing it … before, during AND after. How is that possible? The doughnuts were homemade from (nearly) all natural, unprocessed ingredients … things like almond flour, coconut oil, cocoa powder, sugar-free maple syrup sweetened with xylitol (processed and not ideal, but better than sugar, aspartame […]