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This Is Me

krutten-200x200Reader. Writer. Designer. WordPress assistant. Mother, wife & homemaker. Memory-keeper. Self-help junkie. Entrepreneur. Health & wellness enthusiast. Renaissance soul.

Hi! I’m Kristin & these are just a few of the roles that describe me.

Creative expression is a big part of what makes me tick. Though my interests and choice of outlets vary, an opportunity to be creative on a daily basis is one of my requirements for a happy life.

I’m also one of those people who grabs onto a creative spark and totally runs with it, exhausting every idea and resource until I’ve had my fill. I read about it, brainstorm about it, talk, blog & even dream about it. It becomes my primary focus for days, weeks and sometimes even months at a time.

Oftentimes this process is aided by having a place to share it …

Welcome to that place!

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